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A Holistic Safety Philosophy

At OPD, environmental health and safety (EHS) is non-negotiable. More than a checklist of rules, it’s an ongoing conversation that guides our projects and our actions. Our goal is to continuously improve our processes and products through innovation, creating a spirit of mutual benefit with the individuals and communities around us. This means that we take a holistic approach to stewardship to ensure the well-being of every life we touch. We constantly seek out new ways to improve the impact we have on our environment, our employees, our preferred partners and our community while ensuring that the needs of those around us are met.

Our people play a pivotal role in fulfilling our EHS responsibilities, so we see it as our mission to increase knowledge and keep them safe during all phases of our projects. We integrate safety into everything that we do to empower our employees, customers and contractors to keep our foundations and promises front of mind.

Our Vision of Safety

We will build capability in our people and resilience in our systems to optimally manage our EHS risks. We will create everyday stewards by embedding EHS in all we do and transforming our foundation to a balanced perspective of principles and rules.

Using Vision to Build the Foundation

We all play a role in conducting operations in a manner that protects the health and safety of everyone involved in a project. That’s why OPD focuses on creating what we call “everyday stewards.” We want our teams equipped with guidance to make safe decisions for themselves.

Access Safely
Ensure that walking surfaces are clear of hazards and secured as required. Respect barricades and don’t cross without appropriate permission.
Recognize Heights
Understand the site requirements as well as the hazards of the task being performed when working on elevated platforms, scaffolds and ladders.
Understand your role regarding energy isolation.
Enter Safely
Know your roles and responsibilities when entering a confined space.
Last Line of Defense
Wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for the task.
Understand Your Limits
Know your body’s limitations when it comes to health and wellness.
Know Where You Are
Be aware and stay clear of line of fire situations.
All accidents, near-misses, unsafe acts and conditions, and injuries regardless of severity should be reported to your supervisor or safety representative immediately.
Authorize Your Work
Secure all necessary work permits and confirm that they have been reviewed by the crew members as well as your safety advocate.
Stop. Think. Ask.
Check with your supervisor if you’re unsure about the task or associated hazards.

Meet Our Safety Experts

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